Growth Marketing Pre-Course by OnDelta School

Growth Marketing Pre-Course

A precourse for the 3-month growth marketing program by OnDelta School

An Introduction to OnDelta

The curriculum in this precourse is from the first week of our 3-month growth marketing program.

For more information about OnDelta, check out our website here.

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Student Testimonials

"I have gained in-depth insights into how different algorithms play out on various social media platforms. I’ve learned the tactics on how to create compelling marketing copies on different sites"
Christina N., OnDelta Student
"Signing up for the OnDelta program is definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my career development since graduating from college."
Ryan S., OnDelta Student

Pre-Course Curriculum

Introduction to Growth Marketing
The Origin of Growth Marketing
What is Growth Marketing?
Growth Vs. Traditional Marketing
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Introduction to Growth Marketing: Quiz
Introduction to Copywriting
Copywriting Preface
Writing Good Copy
The AIDA Model
B2B vs. B2C Copywriting Techniques
Introduction to Copywriting: Quiz
Introduction to Social Media
Overview of Social Media
Overview of Facebook
Overview of Instagram
Introduction to Social Media: Quiz
Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
A Brief Overview
Introduction to Search Engine Optimization: Quiz
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What is OnDelta?

OnDelta is a 3-month bootcamp for people that would like to get a job in marketing. The course if completely free upfront, and you only pay us if you land a job in marketing.

What is this pre-course?

This is content that we have pulled from the first week of OnDelta curriculum. We'd like to give you an idea of what the content looks like before you apply.

Where do I take an OnDelta class?

Our classes are completely remote and take place on a video conference tool called Zoom. As long as you have good wifi and a quiet place to work, you'll be able to take our class.
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OnDelta is an 3-month online trade school focused on helping people break into the tech industry through growth marketing.